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We aim for all our pupils to leave our school as
EmpoweredVirtuousEmployable individuals

Sixth Form Life and Expectations

Our Expectations

Our expectations of you during your time in the Sixth Form will be undoubtedly high. Sixth Form students form an integral part of our school community and that privileged position must be earned.

Students are expected to play a full and active part in the spiritual and religious life of the school and to act as positive role models for the younger students within the school. We expect all students to approach their studies with a determined and positive attitude and to accept responsibility for their own learning, with the support of their subject teachers and form tutor.

Student are expected to complete all work to the very best of their ability by the required deadlines. Students should make effective use of their time outside of directed lessons, using the common room, library and computer facilities offered.


Uniform is a compulsory part of student life at Archbishop McGrath High School. It gives us our unique sense of community and belonging, but also is preparation for the world of work where compulsory uniform and other 'presentational' requirements apply.

As in sixth form you are volunteering to continue your education with us, please be aware of the specific requirements that apply and consider these carefully before choosing to join us.

Compulsory School Uniform:

Trousers: Smart, tailored, plain black. No denim, jeans, cords, linen, leggings or skinny fit. No trousers with accessories such as leg pockets, zips etc.

Skirts: Smart, plain black, not lycra, and not too revealing.

Tights: No less than 20 Denier. No 'hold-ups' or sheer.

Socks: Black. (Knee length with skirts).

Shirts: Smart, white, button to the neck and full length i.e. must be able to be tucked in.

Blazers: Black with school badge Yrs 12 and 13.

School jumpers/cardigans: Smart, all black, V-necked and with school badge.

Shoes: Smart, plain black and low-heeled footwear.

Ties: Yrs 12 and 13 Black with school badge. Knot of tie must be positioned at collar of shirt.

  1. No VISIBLE facial piercings.
  2. For Y13 18+ no visible tattoos.
  3. Non-uniform jumpers/hoodies are not allowed.
  4. Coats are not to be worn inside the building during the school day.
  5. Blazers must be worn in the school building and when visiting the Brackla Triangle shops unless indicated they can be removed by a member of staff/Head of Sixth Form.
  6. Hair must be of 'natural' colours only. It is not permissible to have any part of the hair in 'unnatural' colours e.g. vibrant red, pink, blue, vibrant purple, green, vibrant yellow. No tram lines, including insignia and patterns, are permitted in any length hair.

The official School Uniform Suppliers are as below:

• Euroschools, Bridgend

• Uniform To Go, Bridgend Industrial Estate

Attitude to Work

As you consider returning to or joining our highly successful Sixth Form you will have matured into a moral, virtuous and dedicated young person. This means that you will act as a role model to younger year groups. If you hope to achieve all that you can in our Sixth Form you must be prepared to adapt to the standards of behaviour and quality of work that we expect of you.

There is an enormous difference between the nature of work in the Sixth Form and that of Year 11. If you are to fulfil your academic potential you must work to the very best of your ability from the outset.

You will sit AS examinations in Year 12 and all school references for Higher Education applications and employment are based primarily on progress and achievement in Year 12.

While three or four subjects instead of nine or ten might appear an easier option, this is simply not the case. Each subject area is studied in far greater depth and there is a much greater emphasis on evaluation and analysis. You should strive to develop a love for your chosen subject areas.

Time Management

The need for considered time management and self-discipline is perhaps the most distinctive feature of life in the Sixth Form. There will be times during the school day when you do not have timetabled lessons.

You have access to excellent facilities and private study areas, and you must make use of these to engage in: private study including review of lesson notes, creating revision notes for lessons, preparing for next lesson by using Exam specifications for pre-reading and preparation of knowledge of key concepts/words and to complete assignments.

All Sixth Form students must be in school from 9:00 am for their form tutor period and to the end of their final taught lesson in each day.

Driving lessons, routine dental and medical appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours.

You are funded for full time education and as such you may not partake in Part-time employment during the hours of 9-3pm Monday to Friday


Attendance is of paramount important to us at Archbishop McGrath, there is a clear correlation between attendance and attainment, and we emphasise to all students the importance of total dedication regarding attendance.

At a minimum 95% attendance for all timetabled sessions/lessons is required.

This does not include authorised absences for illness, medical or holidays - no holidays are authorised for Sixth Form. 

It does include authorised absences for school directed/led work experience, University Open Days, masterclasses, taster events, Seren Award, trips and visits.