Housing System

Pastoral Care

House System

The new House system provides fresh change for both staff and students of the school, one that will provide the students with the skills and experiences that would allow them both time for learning and time for formation, enabling them to live a good life.

Every child matters and should be provided with the opportunities to reach their potential in all areas of life, in a caring, happy and secure environment with Christ at the centre.

Pastoral Care

Our House Saints

Saint Illtyd

St. Illtud also known as Illtud Farchog “Illtud the Knight”, is venerated as the founder-abbot and teacher of the divinity school known as Cor Tewdws, located in Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major) in the county of Glamorgan. He founded the monastery and college in the 6th century, and the school is believed to be Britain’s earliest centre of learning.At its height, it had over 1000 pupils and schooled many of the great saints of the age, including Saint Davidof Wales, Gildasthe Historian, and Samson of Dol.

Saint Non

St Non was, according to Christian tradition, the mother of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales.On the day of her labour a great storm made it impossible for anyone to travel outdoors. Only the place where Nonita groaned with birth-pangs was bathed in light. The pain was said to have been so intense that her fingers left marks as she grasped a rock and the stone itself split asunder in sympathy with her. A church was built in the place of David’s birth and this stone is now concealed in the foundations of the altar.

Saint Cadog


Saint Cadog was a 5th–6th-century Abbot of Llancarfan, near Cowbridge in Glamorganshire, Wales, a monastery famous from the era of the British church as a centre of learning, where Illtud spent the first period of his religious life under Cadoc’s tutelage. Cadoc is credited with the establishment of many churches in Cornwall, Brittany,Dyfedand Scotland. He is known as Cattwg Ddoeth, “the Wise”, and a large collection of his maxims and moral sayings were included in Volume III of the Myvyrian Archaiology.

Saint Dyfrig

St Dyfrig was a 6th-century British ecclesiastic venerated as a saint. He was the evangelist of Erging later Archenfield) and much of southeast Wales. Noted for his precocious intellect, by the time he attained manhood he was already known as a scholar throughout Britain. Dubricius founded a monastery at Hentland and then one at Moccas. He became the teacher of many well-known Welsh saints, including Teilo and Samson and also healed the sick of various disorders through the laying on of hands.

Saint Teilo

Saint Teilo, also known by his Cornish name Eliud, was a British Christian monk, bishop, and founder of monasteries and churches from Penalun (Penally) near Tenby in Pembrokeshire, south Wales. Reputed to be a cousin, friend, and disciple of Saint David, he was bishop of Llandaff and founder of the first church at Llandaff Cathedral, where his tomb is. He also founded Llandeilo Fawr, as well as Penally Abbey at his place of birth.

Pastoral Care

Heads of House

Role of the Head’s of House:

  • To embed the core values of the Jesuit Pupil Profile into the education and lives of our students.
  • To develop school pride, involvement and participation within each student.
  • To develop and support each student holistically, encouraging them to flourish.
  • To develop a vibrant community
  • Pupils should focus on personal achievement
  • The school will be an inclusive community
  • Everyone must make the most of their God-given talents
  • To working with other Heads of Houses as a wellbeing team
  • To deliver and model the Jesuit pupil profile
  • To assist all those who work in the school, both staff and pupils to flourish
  • To lead and develop a team of form tutors
  • To play a full role in the life of the school outside the classroom and to be fully supportive of the religious and spiritual life of the school
  • To engage with parents and build positive relationships with them
  • Follow a system of behaviour and have interventions to help
  • Provide role models for young students to look up to
HouseHead of HouseEmail Address
IlltydMiss EvansLouise.Evans@archbishopmg.co.uk
TeiloMr GallafantWill.Gallafant@archbishopmg.co.uk
CadogMr EvansNeil.Evans@archbishopmg.co.uk
DyfrigMiss DaviesEmma.Davies@archbishopmg.co.uk
NonMiss BurtonCharlotte.Burton@archbishopmg.co.uk