Academic Support


Supporting Our Learners

Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School values the achievements of every pupil and evaluates carefully the progress of every pupil, including those pupils who have ALN and may benefit from additional learning support. The SEN Code of Practice for Wales (2002) emphasises that special educational needs provision is appropriate only for pupils requiring action that is additional to or different from normal activities in the classroom.

At Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School some provision is in place that is additional to or different from the variety of approaches that are employed to maximise the achievement of all pupils and which takes into account pupils with special educational needs.


Support Offered

  • A suitably differentiated curriculum which reflects the needs of the schools’ intake and meets the needs of individual pupils in each school
  • A suitable learning environment which includes reasonable adjustments eg use of laptops, scribes, audio aids, to provide access to learning for individual pupils
  • A whole-school approach to behaviour management and pastoral support appropriately implemented at the individual, class and group level
  • An assessment and tracking system for all learners
  • Systems that support, listen to and act upon pupils’ views eg school counsellor, Learning Coach, Pastoral team
  • Effective communication with parents and carers
  • Practices that empower pupil to make decisions and be responsible for their learning eg ALN pupils are members of the School Council
  • Flexible classroom and individual groupings to meet the learning needs of all individuals eg access to Entry Level courses for ALN pupils, extended opportunities placements with external providers
  • A range of supportive activities anddifferentiation of class work is available to ALN pupils when appropriate, for example:
  • Regular, frequent supported literacy and numeracysessions (with increased frequency and focus relative to increased need) from ALNCo, Literacy Officer,Teaching Assistants
  • Opportunities to practise spelling lists of appropriate words
  • Use of selected support material/resources from the ALNCo
  • Use of word banks, writing scaffolds, web plans, etc. to support writing activities
  • Use of supportive ICT software for reading, spelling, numeracy, independent writing
  • School counsellor
  • External support for BESD and vulnerable pupils
  • Homework and Lunchtime clubs